Young hippo magic by Susan Gates

When the fisherwitch throws a ball in the air some kids try and catch it but instead the fisherwitch catches them. The kids try and run away but then Precious’s little brother Moses goes missing.  Precious thinks that it might be the Fisherwithch because shes back, and shes hungry..

                                                                                                                           Siua reading Young Hippo Magic by Susan Gates

By Siua room 5

The Butterfly Lion By Michael Morpurgo.

The butterfly Lion

This book shows a story through the eyes of many…

This book shows life from a different perspective. the book is about a boy a white lion and their journey, it is based in Africa and England (two very different places.) the boy in the book didn’t have any brothers or sisters so he was rather lonely… one day this little boy did an outstanding thing that changed his life………

By Shania Room 10

The Dead of the Night. by John Marsden

It’s tough surviving in Hell.

But sometimes Hell can be a haven.

When war rears its ugly head over Australia it seem that seven teens are the only ones left free. The only ones left to fight. Some plans succeed, but others fail. At this level of danger no no one can afford this. Night is the teens time for action, action like no one has seen before. Action using the bare minimal these teens have. Would you survive? Would you risk life to destroy others?

This is the second book of the Tomorrow when the War began. And still it captures readers like never before.

Ella Sanderson.

The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

Would you Volunteer for someone you loved?

  Katniss Everdeen has been looking after herself for years after her father died in a mine accident and her mum in deep depression.When the day of reaping arrives Katniss knows her name is in the bowl twenty two times and her sister Prim has only had one.But when Prims name gets called out to be tribute Katniss is quick to volunteer. Follow Katniss through a journey of love, loss, betrayal and horrible hunger.

By Soraya Rm 13

Encyclopedia of automobiles: By david wise

this book is quite big i highly recommend this to more sophisticated  readers. this book has 352 pages and is from1862 -2010 and has over 4000-automobiles and motorcycles. the car that i liked most was a 1947 ferrari 166 and was worth anywhere between $50,000- $100,000 but todays price worth between $500,000-$600,000 thats $450,000 in 65 years

By Brody